Apple Pulls the Plug on Constellation After One Season

Image: AppleTV+

It’s May, and that means we get an idea of what shows will or won’t be coming back in the next year. For Apple, the streamer has decided to call it on Constellation, ending the series after a single-season run.

Deadline first broke news of the cancellation, noing that the show wrapped up after its eighth episode premiered at the end of March. Though it sounds like it had decent reviews, it didn’t seem to light the world on fire: the Hollywood Reporter claims it never managed to crack the Top 10 for Nielsen’s streaming ratings, and Apple was cagey about its viewership numbers. It’s also possible the show just wasn’t talked about that much compared to other AppleTV+ series like For All Mankind or Silo.

Created by Peter Harness of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Morell fame, Constellation starred Noomi Rapace (Lamb), as Jo Ericsson, an ISS astronaut who survives a disaster in space and returns to Earth to recover. When she makes her way back home, she realizes that parts of life aren’t how she originally remembered them, and some are just gone entirely. The series also starred James D’Arcy, Will Catlett, Barbara Sukowa, and Jonathan Banks.

AppleTV+ has been previously noted as a popular new home for sci-fi shows, and that’ll continue. Along with new seasons of popular series Severance, Silo, and For All Mankind, the latter is due for a spinoff titled Star City. Both Invasion and Foundation, which don’t get talked about as much as the three above, are also set to return: Invasion locked in a season three renewal back in February, while Foundation’s third season is expected to return once production wraps.

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