As Nothing launches its $199 budget Android phone with tons of RAM and a 120Hz display, it’s high time Apple’s iPhone SE found a way to compete

The current iPhone SE has been around since March 2022 which means that it is now more than two years since Apple’s budget phone was refreshed. Back in 2022, the new model was a reasonable upgrade over the previous one, albeit one that immediately looked out of date beside the best iPhones of the year thanks to the use of a Home button. Two years later, that Home button is just one reminder that the iPhone SE isn’t getting any younger. And it’s high time that changed.

It was already time for a new iPhone SE before today’s launch of the CMF Phone 1, but it’s a launch that has once again proven just how much Apple needs to show its budget offering some love. CMF is a budget sub-brand of Nothing, a company that already offers relatively cheap Android phones compared to the likes of Samsung and other bigger names. The Phone 1 starts at $199, less than half the price of the current iPhone SE.

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