Batman Arkham Shadow ‘wasn’t worth pursuing’ if they couldn’t pull off this key Batman mechanic

To say Batman Arkham Asylum practically invented the modern third-person brawler genre is an understatement. The game has been as influential for combat in games as Dark Souls, with an endless stream of reviews regularly comparing a new game’s combat to Asylum’s greatness. Because of this, the development team at Camouflaj knew they had their work cut out for them to successfully translate the feeling into VR.

When Batman Arkham Shadow launches exclusively on the Meta Quest 3 later this year, Camouflaj’s founder and studio director, Ryan Payton, told me he expects fans to be thrilled with what the team has built over the past four years. “Given our excitement level and our commitment to this franchise, we felt like the best thing we could do is to ensure that the game is as authentic as possible, and we make the best darn Arkham game we possibly can.”

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