Beginner drone with 4K cameras is just $64.97

Talk to drone enthusiasts, and you’ll hear enough technical jargon to make an actual pilot’s head spin. And while it’s true that drone technology has come a long way in the last 10 years, let’s not forget that these things are just plain fun to fly. Anyone can fly — and capture stunning aerial images — with this beginner drone with 4K cameras.

If you or a loved one ever wanted to experience drone flying firsthand, this 4K beauty with dual cameras, obstacle avoidance and other beginner-friendly features is a perfect starting point. And it’s only $64.97 (regularly $119) for a limited time!

Hit new heights with this beginner-friendly 4K drone

This beginner camera drone is designed especially for first-timers, boasting plenty of features that make flying (and capturing epic aerial videos) a breeze.

First off, it’s incredibly easy to use, as it has one-key start/stop. One button is all it takes to get it into the air, and an automatic return function allows it to land just as easily.

Thanks to its six-axis gyroscope, you can do simple stunts like 360-degree flips within the first few minutes. And the drone’s 100-meter range gives you plenty of room to play.

Other features like fixed-point flight, gravity control and headless mode make it easy to fly this drone. And its 4K HD 90-degree front camera and 120-degree wide-angle bottom camera allow users to capture stunning photos and videos. Enjoy the drone’s optical flow positioning that keeps it at a steady hover!

Obstacle-avoidance tech means you won’t trash this camera drone

The best part of this beginner-friendly camera drone? It comes with three-way obstacle avoidance so it doesn’t crash into plants, walls or other potential dangers. It can accurately perceive the distance of nearby obstacles and avoid them far in advance. Plus, it has gesture-control capabilities, making it easy to give the drone direction with a palm gesture or fist.

After you finish flying, this drone folds up conveniently. That makes it effortless to bring to a park, beach or anywhere else you want to launch.

Save on a 4K drone that’s perfect for beginners

Grab this 4K Dual Camera Drone with Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance for just $64.97. It’s perfect for beginners, and no coupon is needed! Price drop ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific on June 21, 2024.

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