Boost your Mac’s storage on the cheap during Samsung external SSD sale

The Samsung T9 SSD is quick and it’s very portable. Plus, for a short time, it’s up to 31% off, dropping the 1TB version to only $135. Or opt for 2TB or 4TB of additional storage for your Mac or iPad and save even more money.

For an even more affordable option, the older Samsung T7 series is available for as little as $115.

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Samsung T9 is one of the best portable SSDs available

I reviewed the Samsung T9 for Cult of Mac and was very pleased with it. It’s about the size of a credit card but thicker, which means it fits very easily in my gear bag.

But I can’t decide if that’s my favorite feature. Because I also really like that the T9 is compatible with so many different devices. The SSD includes a USB-C port so of course it works with my iPad Pro, but I can also use it with pretty much any device with a USB-A port. It even comes bundled with the necessary cables for both types of ports.

When I was writing the review, I successfully tested Samsung’s external drive with a variety of computers. That includes my iPhone 15 now that it has a standard USB-C port. Or I can plug it into my TV and play video. Those who still have an iPhone with a Lightning port can connect through an adapter.

Plus, Samsung added a rubber coating to the exterior so the drive can survive drops up to 9.8 feet (3 meters).

All of this makes the T9 an ideal place to store a collection of music, videos, images, ebooks, etc. that you’d like to access on the go and/or with a range of computers.

And think about this: if you having an aging Mac with a too-tiny HD, you can get this SSD and bulk up your storage capacity. And when you get a replacement Mac you’ll still be able to use the accessory for storage.

Just about all of this is also true for the Samsung T7 series except that it lacks the protective outer coating.  I reviewed it too.

A rubber coating makes the newer Samsung T9 (left) slightly larger than the older Samsung T7 (right).
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Terabyte SSDs on sale

The largest the Samsung T9 gets is 4TB, and that version ordinarily sells for $549.99. But thanks to a 31% discount at Amazon, the cost is down to $377.36. That’s a $162 in savings.

Buy 4TB T9 from: Amazon

Don’t need quite so much storage? The 2TB version is regularly $299.99. But after Amazon lowered the cost by 21%, its $238.40. That’ll save you $61.

Buy 2TB T9 from: Amazon

And there’s a 1TB version of the Samsung T9 as well. It would ordinarily set you back $174.99, but a 23% discount lowers the cost to $134.99 — a $40 discount.

Buy 1TB T9 from: Amazon

And don’t for get the Samsung T7

The 4TB version of the Samsung T7 usually sells for $479.99, but Amazon dropped the price by 24% so it’s down to $366.62. That’s a savings of $113. The deal is good only for the dark grey version of the SSD.

Buy 4TB T7 from: Amazon

And the 2TB version normally goes for $269.99 but Amazon knocked 26% off the cost of the dark grey version, lowering it to $199.98. That’s $70 below the usual.

Buy 2TB T7 from: Amazon

Plus, the 1TB version is regularly $159.99 but is now available for $114.99 — $45 off — thanks to a sale at Amazon. (You can guess the color, right?)

Buy 1TB T7 from: Amazon

The 500GB version of the Samsung T7 didn’t get a deal.


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