Apple AI in China: Baidu, regulatory concerns

A Siri icon superimposed on Apple Park Apple may need to navigate the business and regulatory waters in China with a local AI provider, and Baidu may have the technology it needs. Apple has a very large artificial intelligence division, that has been led by ex-Googler John Gianndrea for years. Recently, Apple has been tied … Read more

Posit AI Blog: AO, NAO, ENSO: A wavelet analysis example

Recently, we showed how to use torch for wavelet analysis. A member of the family of spectral analysis methods, wavelet analysis bears some similarity to the Fourier Transform, and specifically, to its popular two-dimensional application, the spectrogram. As explained in that book excerpt, though, there are significant differences. For the purposes of the current post, … Read more

How ancient sea creatures can inform soft robotics

Soft robotics is the study of creating robots from soft materials, which has the advantage of flexibility and safety in human interactions. These robots are well-suited for applications ranging from medical devices to enhancing efficiency in various tasks. Additionally, using different forms of robotic movement may also serve us well in exploring the ocean or … Read more

4 false-positive fallacy in revenue assurance and fraud management

Alex Gendler published an interesting TED-Ed video on the false-positive paradox. He narrates a hypothetical scenario where a precious metal ‘unobtainium,’ present within only 1% of rocks in a specific quarry, must be mined. Joe, the miner, uses a reading device to identify which rocks contain the precious metal. His device will always detect unobtanium when present. … Read more