Fortnite Reload brings back classic weapons and locations

Fortnite fans are getting a treat with an update with Fortnite Reload, an action-packed mode for Battle Royale and Zero Build with classic weapons, classic locations, and classic vibes.

It starts on Saturday, June 22, shortly after the 11 a.m. Pacific time concert.

Taking place on a tighter map, featuring familiar locations like Tilted Towers and Retail Row, Fortnite Reload is a 40-player Squads experience where if eliminated, you can reboot… so long as one member of your four-person team remains. Kind of like Resurgence in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The Storm moves faster in Fortnite Reload and a full team wipe means Game Over.

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How it works

Fortnite Reload map

When eliminated, you can opt to start your reboot timer instead of waiting for a revive.

Reboot timers begin at 30 seconds and scale up to 40 seconds later in the match. Remaining teammates can reduce timers by downing or eliminating an opponent, or by wiping an opposing squad.

At the end of the timer, you’ll reboot. Toward the end of the match, reboots will stop, meaning eliminated teammates can no longer return.

Fortnite Reload Rewards

Fortnite Reload map

Fortnite Reload has intro Quests rewarding 20,000 XP each. Complete three to unlock the Digital Dogfight Contrail, six for the Pool Cubes Wrap, and nine to get the NaNa Bath Back Bling! If you bag a Victory Royale, you’ll snag The Rezzbrella Glider.

You can join Fortnite for free on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android, PC. Fortnite is also available on cloud-based streaming services.

Once you’re logged in and Fortnite is running, select the “Fortnite Reload” tile in the Discover screen. Fortnite Reload is a Squads (four-player) experience.

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