Google brings 911 RCS texting capabilities to Messages across the US

What you need to know

  • Google states it will start “gradually rolling out” 911 texting capabilities through RCS on Android later “this winter.”
  • Users can soon text 911 emergency services and see when they begin responding while also sending images and videos to help them.
  • This feature will join the likes of Fall and Crash Detection on Android.

Google is bringing a useful emergency services feature to Messages that lets users contact the appropriate authorities through RCS.

According to a press release, Google has partnered with RapidSOS to bring 911 texting capabilities to Messages through RCS-enabled chats. Contacting data centers through this method will let users “confirm the delivery” of their emergency requests and see when authorities are actively responding to them. Google hopes this removes the guesswork when it comes to wondering if 911 received your text.

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