Here’s Why Chimpzee (CHMPZ) is One to Watch Amid Meme Coins Price Dip 

Meme coins are now big business, despite formerly being written off as jokes.

Investors are drawn to their community participation and viral potential. The crypto market is  seeing a flood of new meme coins. But will this enthusiasm last forever, or will it eventually fade?

The meme coin market saw a 9.25% valuation reduction at press time, with prices dropping for DOGE, SHIB, and others. Despite this, investors remain optimistic. Traders are on the watch for the next big crypto asset ready to capitalize and maximise profit. Chimpzee is one such meme coin.

Chimpzee presents special investment prospects. Let’s examine the features that this new meme coin offers in more detail.

Why is Chimpzee Meme Coin One to Watch

Chimpzee stands out in the crowded meme coin market by offering unique opportunities for investors.

Unlike many other meme coins that rely solely on their viral nature and community hype, Chimpzee integrates an environmental and social impact mission into its core.

The coin not only aims to provide financial returns but also focuses on fighting climate change and saving animals. This dual approach has garnered significant attention and sets Chimpzee apart from its competitors.

Chimpzee presents investors with three unique avenues to earn rewards. Through the Chimpzee Shop, investors will be able to purchase merchandise and receive CHMPZ tokens as rewards.

In addition, users will be able to trade NFTs on the NFT Marketplace and split the trading fee gains with other users. Finally, by participating in the Zero Tolerance Game on the platform, users can increase their interaction and possible rewards by earning CHMPZ coins.

Secure and Transparent Project

Investor trust is a critical component in the crypto space, and Chimpzee has taken steps to ensure transparency and security. The team behind Chimpzee has been fully verified by Cyberscope, adding a layer of trust for potential investors.

Furthermore, Solidity Finance, which offers contract security audits to increase investor confidence, conducted a thorough security audit on the project. These actions show Chimpzee’s dedication to upholding a trustworthy and safe platform.

Chimpzee is committed to improving society and the environment apart from profit making. The initiative has helped to progress environmental protection as 20,000 trees have been planted to help rebuild a rainforest.

This program demonstrates Chimpzee’s dedication to protecting wildlife and halting climate change. Knowing that their investment with Chimpzee supports important environmental projects gives investors a sense of pride.

How to Earn with Chimpzee

Investors find Chimpzee attractive due to its diverse income options. Staking NFTs can yield up to 20% APY, ensuring passive income.

Moreover, investors can earn CHMPZ tokens by buying Chimpzee items, so fusing income and shopping.  Active traders on the NFT marketplace can also benefit, as they are entitled to a larger share of the trading fee profits pool.

Furthermore, gamers can earn additional CHMPZ coins by participating in the Zero Tolerance game, which also offers various advantages to enhance gameplay.

Overall, Chimpzee’s multiple avenues for earning income provide investors with various options to generate profits.

Tokenomics and Financial Structure

The financial structure of Chimpzee is designed to ensure sustainability and community benefit. The token distribution is as follows:

  • 45% for Public Sale
  • 15% for Marketing
  • 10% for Exchange & Liquidity
  • 10% for Charity
  • 10% for Development
  • 5% for Community Rewards
  • 5% for the Team (locked for two years)

Chimpzee’s tokenomics emphasize community rewards and charitable contributions, reinforcing its commitment to social responsibility. Additionally, there are no selling or buying taxes, and no fees, making transactions straightforward and investor-friendly.

To attract and reward investors, Chimpzee offers a variety of special incentives. NFT Passport holders have the chance to win $2,000 in the Summer Prize. Additionally, there are opportunities to win up to $10,000 USDT in prizes. Furthermore, investors can receive free bonus tokens during the presale, enhancing their investment.

Chimpzee NFT Passport Staking

Early buyers of Diamond and Gold Series NFTs receive the most rewards and benefits. Moreover, the burning of CHMPZ tokens used to buy the NFT Passport reduces supply, potentially increasing value. These special offers and rewards aim to provide additional value to Chimpzee investors, enhancing their overall experience.


As meme coin prices shift, Chimpzee emerges as a contender with its unique combination of financial returns and environmental impact.

It offers multiple ways to earn. Also, this project is committed to social and environmental causes. All of this makes Chimpzee a potentially compelling investment opportunity as we head into the second part of 2024.


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