HP CEO: Printed Pages Are Down 20% Since Pandemic

HP is facing something of a challenge as the number of printed pages has decreased by 20% since the pandemic. “On the office space, clearly, the amount of pages that is being printed is lower than before the pandemic,” HP boss Enrique Lores told tech investors at Bernstein’s 40th Annual Strategic Decision Conference last week. “And this is really driven by what we call hybrid work. There are less people in the office every day, and this has driven the amount of pages down.” The Register reports: “I use pages as a proxy because, depending on what happens with pages, happens eventually with devices. Before the pandemic, our estimates were that we were expecting to see a 20 percent reduction of printing. And actually, we were looking at the numbers … and this is more or less where we are.” In terms of users printing at home, “during the pandemic, we saw a spike of pages printed, and since then, the number of pages has been declining,” Lores added. The levels are not unexpected, though, he said. The industrial customer base was “impacted during the last two or three years by a reduction of capital investments,” but recovery is showing up, with those customers printing more labels and packaging. Previous research by IDC showed around 450 billion fewer pages were printed in homes and office worldwide in 2020 versus the year before the pandemic, equating to a 19 percent plunge. It merely accelerated the long-term trend. […]

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