Interview With the Vampire’s Showrunner Teases the Big Influences For Season 3

Adult Swim’s long-in-the-making Uzumaki adaptation has found its English voice cast. Amazon calls time on Josh Brolin’s timey-wimey hole show. Plus, House of the Dragon teases the bloody aftermath of its latest battle. Spoilers, away!


In a new Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson revealed Catherine Laga’ia as been cast as Disney’s live-action Moana, opposite John Tui as Chief Tui, Frankie Adams as Sina, and Rena Owen as Gramma Tala. Filming is expected to begin next month.


IGN has the english voice cast of Adult Swim’s long-awaited Uzumaki animated series. Abby Trott has been cast as as Kirie Goshima, Robbie Daymond as Shuichi Saito, Cristina Vee as Azami Kurotani, Doug Stone as Kirie’s father, Aaron LaPlante as Shuichi’s father, Mona Marshall as Shuichi’s mother and Max Mittelman as Katayama.

Interview With the Vampire

In conversation with the Los Angeles Times,  showrunner Rolin Jones stated he hopes to make the third season of Interview With the Vampire “a little pop masterpiece” to rival Hedwig and the Angry Inch and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“Lestat becomes a rock star. Let’s star there. We’re going to do a lot with that and are excited about potentially working with Daniel Hart who’s done the music for the first two seasons. We’re going to try to beat Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Rocky Horror. We’re about to try to make a little pop masterpiece.

The deeper I get into [Anne Rice’s] books, I’m slowly catching up to the love that the people who really love the show have for these books and clutch them to their hearts. So many of the artists who worked on our show talked about how the tone of the book allowed them to think about coming out. These books are important to people. I feel very privileged and very lucky to be this person who’s shepherding that to a new generation at this point.”

Outer Range

According to Spoiler TV, Amazon Prime has cancelled Outer Range after two seasons.


In a recent series of Tweets, Evil star Katja Herbers stated she’s hopeful another streamer will renew the series for more episodes, noting “we’re the second most streamed original show on all platforms and the seventh overall. Kinda wild!! Who wants to snatch up the good Evil?”

Reginald the Vampire

Spoiler TV has a brief synopsis for “Just Like Heaven,” the tenth episode of Reginald the Vampire‘s second season.

“Reginald will do anything for love with unexpected consequences.”

House of the Dragon

Finally, Meleys’ severed head is carted through town in the trailer for next week’s episode of House of the Dragon.


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