iOS 18’s smarter Siri won’t arrive until 2025

You will have to wait to enjoy some of Siri’s best upgrades in iOS 18.
Photo: Apple

Apple showcased a smarter Siri in iOS 18 at WWDC24. But you will have to wait for a few months after the OS’s public release later this year to experience the new voice assistant.

The new Siri will reportedly enter developer beta testing in January. Its public release is slated for spring next year as a part of iOS 18.4.

The wait for a better Siri experience gets longer

Siri has been the butt of many jokes over the years. Despite being the first to launch over a decade ago, Apple’s voice assistant is nowhere close to its competitors. The new AI-powered Siri should change all this, which Apple showcased at WWDC24 in June 2024.

The next-gen Siri will let you control in-app actions, pass data from one app to another, and more. The assistant will be smart enough to handle complex commands like “Send the photos from the cookout on Saturday to Malia.” It can even understand and pull relevant info when you ask questions like “When is Mom’s flight landing?”

Sadly, if you are eager to try the new Siri, prepare for disappointment. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman says new “Siri features are likely to go into beta testing for developers in January and then debut publicly around the springtime” with iOS 18.4.

Worse, he claims the new Siri design and ChatGPT integration seemingly won’t arrive with iOS 18. Instead, they will come later in 2024.

AI-powered Siri could finally catch up to its competition

Apple itself previously confirmed that several new Siri features won’t launch with iOS 18. Still, having to wait until spring next year to try out Siri’s best features will likely disappoint many iPhone users.

While the delay is a bummer, the voice assistant could make up for it by living up to Apple’s promise. This will also enable Siri to leapfrog its competition in a big way.

When the new Siri experience goes live in an iOS 18 developer beta build, you can install the beta on your iPhone to try out the new features ahead of the public release.

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