Is Red Dead Redemption 1 actually coming to PC? It looks like it might be after all

We may have found a bigger leak than that in Old Trafford’s roof, but if this turns out to be true it is going to be huge.

Changes made today in the Rockstar Launcher would seem to point to the fact that Rockstar may be about to do something nobody ever thought a) was possible and b) they would and be preparing to launch the original Red Dead Redemption on PC finally.

The story goes it has never happened so far because the original code was in such a mess it was not worth the effort, but either this is a very late April Fool or somebody has sorted it out once and for all.

ChatGPT clean up this code for me

Tez2 posted the code on X that says “Journey across the sprawling expanses of the American West and Mexico in Red Dead Redemption and its zombie-horror companion Undead Nightmare, no playable on PC. Experience the epic Western adventure that defined a generation.”

It looks legit, of course, it could all be made up but it looks legit. So has Rockstar finally managed it? Are we going to get a little treat as we wait for more GTA IV news? It really looks like we might.

The PS4 version of Read Dead Redemption was a huge hit and obviously, we have had to wait for for console ports to PC with HTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, but none have taken quite this long to make it as it is now some 14 years since the original came out and took the world by storm.

There is nothing more than that at this stage but you would imagine if it is actually in the launcher then it cannot be far off. We are very excited here.

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