Meta’s mixed reality fitness concept just got invented by someone else

What you need to know

  • Alo Moves is making a mixed reality yoga app for the Meta Quest 3.
  • It’s the first mixed reality app that uses volumetric coaches for fully immersive at-home yoga sessions.
  • Alo Moves is an on-demand online yoga platform and the app will also include the full suite of 2D classes.

Folks might remember when Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the virtual stage in 2021 and debuted the Metaverse. During the unveiling, one of the keystone examples was a vision of at-home workouts with real coaches that can be virtually placed in your home, lending the authenticity and personability these platforms currently lack.

Surprisingly, Meta isn’t going to be the company that actually invents this, despite ushering in the vision. Instead, that honor will go to Alo Moves, an online on-demand “movement and mindfulness” platform that’s currently creating a new high-tech mixed reality app for the Meta Quest 3 that’s co-developed with the Oscar-winning visual effects studio, Magnopus.

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