New lowest price for iPad Air 5 at Walmart, just as latest model is about to launch

After years of waiting, the next set of iPads is almost here, and they look amazing. However, if their higher price points are putting you off upgrading one sale at Walmart makes a great argument for the last generation. 

The new iPad Pro 2024 and iPad Air 2024 are both excellent upgrades this year but their higher price points make them more of an investment. Now that the older 5th generation Air has been discontinued by Apple, many retailers are selling out of their stock of the older iPad Air model and, if you get there quick enough, you can take advantage with an excellent deal. For just $399, you can get a relatively recent iPad that still performs excellently now. I should know — it’s been my main tablet for the last six months. 

Lowest ever price

Though the iPad Air 2024 has better base storage, a new 13-inch model, and the M2 chip, these are the central differences between the old and new generation tablets. If you want something portable with enough power to run a video editor or some productivity apps, this is an excellent choice, especially at that price point. Given the iPad Air 6 starts at $599, this reduction makes for a $200 difference between the two tablets. That leaves just enough to get the Apple Pencil 2 or almost any of the best accessories for iPad Air 5 with the change. If you’re looking for an upgrade or want to buy an iPad for the first time, this is a great way to do so. 

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