Nothing will prioritize AI over Phone 3, but is that the right call?

What you need to know

  • Nothing’s CEO, Carl Pei, gave an update on the company’s plans for AI and Phone 3 in a video update posted to X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, June 5.
  • The company says that Phone 3 will not come this year, and will instead be released sometime next year with AI at the center.
  • Phone 1 debuted in July 2022 and Phone 2 was released in July 2023, so this move is a departure from Nothing’s annual release schedule.

If you had been hoping to see what the Nothing Phone 3 has in store, this week was probably a disappointing one. Nothing CEO Carl Pei took to X (formerly Twitter) to give an update on the company’s mobile plans. Unsurprisingly, it involves a whole lot of artificial intelligence. But Pei also mentioned the existence of Phone 3 for the first time, albeit in passing, and said it won’t be coming this year. 

That’s a departure from the yearly release schedule for Nothing phones that the company established during its brief history as a brand. The Nothing Phone 1 debuted in July 2022, and the Nothing Phone 2 was a neat follow-up in July 2023. Unfortunately, there won’t be a Nothing Phone 3 coming out next month. 

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