Russia’s Space Chief Finally Admits US Landed on Moon

“Russia has finally admitted that American astronauts did, in fact, land on the moon,” reports Newsweek:

Head of Russian Space Corporation Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, accepted the truth of the U.S. putting a man on the moon in an address to the State Duma, Intellinews has reported.

“As for whether the Americans were on the Moon or not, I have one fact to share,” he was reported to have said. “I was personally interested in this matter. At one time, they provided us with a portion of the lunar soil that the astronauts brought back during their expedition.” Previous polling revealed that just under half of Russians believe America’s 1969 moon landing was a government hoax. However, Borisov said that tests performed on the samples by the Russian Academy of Scientists confirmed their authenticity.

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