The Denon PerL earbuds prove the AirPods Pro 2 have some convincing competition to beat

In-ear wireless earbuds are, as ever more manufacturers pump them out, a dime a dozen. To make sure that their headphones stand out, those same manufacturers have to fill them with features that are either better than what everyone else does, or something new, and unique.

The Denon PerL manage to bring all the requisite features you’d expect from some more premium headphones to a very reasonably priced pair. They’re related to the Denon PerL Pro, a pair of headphones that we happened to really like, and while they might not have some of the top-shelf features and components of the $299 Pro, the PerL are a great, cheaper option with one thing that will make you think twice before you pick something else up.

Denon PerL: Price and availability

(Image credit: Future)

While Denons other PerL earbuds, the PerL Pro, cost $299/£299, the PerL cost a much more reasonable $199/£189. That makes them cheaper than the AirPods Pro, and while they might not have the all-conquering noise canceling of Apple’s option, they have a secret weapon that could bring you across.

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