The Download: Vacation planning with AI, and smaller models

2 Scrappy weapons startups are changing the face of war in Ukraine
They’re leaving the more established players in the dust. (FT $)
+ Inside the messy ethics of making war with machines. (MIT Technology Review)

3 How to scam a scammer
AI bots are the first line of defense against crooks on the phone. (The Guardian)
+ Crypto hacking thefts are on the rise. (Reuters)
+ Watch out for card skimmers, too. (Insider $)

4 Saudi Arabia is using esports to launder its reputation
It’s been accused of attempting to sportswash its human rights record. (CNN)

5 Here’s what would happen if Russia detonated a nuclear bomb in space
It would cause indiscriminate damage all over the world. (WP $)
+ How to fight a war in space (and get away with it) (MIT Technology Review)

6 Ferrari is working on its first fully electric vehicle
Though other luxury automakers have struggled to make the switch. (NYT $)
+ Why the world’s biggest EV maker is getting into shipping. (MIT Technology Review)

7 How an Australian couple persuaded regulators to greenlight MDMA therapy
Despite lacking a medical or scientific background. (Bloomberg $)
+ A person may have died after eating microdosing candies. (Ars Technica)
+ US FDA advisors just said no to the use of MDMA as a therapy. (MIT Technology Review)

8 Google’s repairs policy is busted
Good luck trying to get that Pixelbook Go working again. (Wired $)

9 This pill can help to treat alcoholism
But doctors appear reluctant to prescribe it. (Slate $)

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