‘The Sims 4’ adds polyamory in its Lovestruck Expansion Pack

Non-monogamy certainly existed before 2020, but since then we’ve been hearing a lot more about it online. People emerged from lockdown more sexually adventurous — maybe even more queer — and now they want their Sims to be, too. In The Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack, launching July 25, your Sims can finally be polyamorous.

In Ciudad Enamorada, the new Sims city of love, Sims can go on dates in locations such as a park or a nightclub, according to the blog on the Lovestruck Expansion Pack. There’s a singles hangout and even a dating app, Cupid’s Corner, for Sims to find potential matches.


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As for gameplay, your Sims will grow and develop their Romantic Skill as they go on more dates. Sims can have turn ons and offs, and you can measure their satisfaction with their relationships. The pack has new interactions, too: a new kiss, dance, and three new WooHoo spots.

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There will be several different Romance Dynamics between Sims as well: Wholesome (two Sims falling in love); Steamy (focus on physical connection); Strained (still romantically involved but unhappy); and Unpredictable (going back and forth between fighting and making up). You can explore your Sims’ different romantic aspirations, and they can even become a Romance Consultant and help others find love.

The Sims introduces two new traits with this pack: being reserved and a “lovebug” (much less reserved). There are also two new fears, fear of intimacy and of being alone. Just like real life!

In terms of non-monogamy, Sims will have a “Romantic Boundaries” system that’s free to all players. You can customize your Sims’ boundaries and approach to romantic exclusivity and jealousy. The blog post reads, “This allows for Sims to date multiple Sims without impact to other relationships.” WooHoo!

The Sims has otherwise expanded Sims’ gender and sexuality options in recent years. In 2022, The Sims updated its spectrum of sexual orientations, and in 2023 added top scars, binders, and other gender-affirming clothing. This latest expansion pack launches July 25.

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