Threads cements itself as the antithesis of Twitter as it hits 175 million users

What you need to know

  • Meta’s Threads reached 175 million users one year after it launched for the public.
  • The platform clearly competes with X (formerly Twitter) but takes a vastly different approach to the text-first social media app archetype.
  • However, Threads’ success must be put in context — Meta isn’t sharing daily user figures and is still heavily leveraging Instagram to grow the younger platform. 

About a year ago, it looked like Elon Musk was driving Twitter (now X) into the ground, and rumors swirled about Meta cooking up a competitor of its own. The company seemed to have rushed the release of Threads — a text-based social media app built on the back of Instagram — to capitalize on the uncertainty surrounding X. The plan appears to have worked: Threads hit 100 million users after being available for just five days last July.

Threads launched one year ago as of July 5, and it’s continuing to grow, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says. The platform has 175 million monthly active users, he revealed in a Thread (via The Verge).

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