Vision Pro should go on sale outside US soon

Vision Pro probably won’t be a U.S. exclusive for much longer.
Photo: Apple

The wait to get Apple Vision Pro is apparently nearly over for consumers in over half a dozen countries.

Although the AR/VR headset launched in the United States this winter, availability has yet to expand outside the borders of Apple’s home country. But Apple Store employees from around the world are reportedly getting trained on the device.

Vision Pro headed for Europe and Asia

Vision Pro is Apple’s first foray into what the company calls “spatial computing.” The headset focuses on augmented reality, which overlays computer-generated content onto the real world, though it offers virtual reality, too. While its bleeding-edge technology draws praise, the $3,500 price remains a drawback.

After a surge of sales at the February launch, demand in the U.S. has supposedly slowed. Apple’s answer seems to be expanding availability.

“The company plans to bring the Vision Pro to international markets for the first time after its Worldwide Developers Conference early next month,” Bloomberg reported on Monday.

As this is a leak not an official Apple announcement, there is not a complete list of countries where the headset will launch in the coming months. Bloomberg says retail employees from Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and South Korea have received training on it, though.

Some time this summer

WWDC24 kicks off on June 10. Even before Monday’s leak, Apple has been widely expected to announced the release of Vision Pro outside of the United States at this conference.

If so, then the launch in parts of Europe and Asia should begin this summer.

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