Watch the Google I/O livestream here

Google announced the Pixel 8a a week before Google I/O, but you should still tune into the company’s yearly event. It starts on May 14 at 17:00 UTC and you can watch the livestream embedded below (there is also an alternative stream with American Sign Language).

With the Pixel 8a already official, why bother? Well, don’t forget that Google is yet to launch Android 15. The new OS version is currently in beta and we have already seen a lot of what it has to offer. Still, there will be a big presentation of all the improvements and new features.

We will definitely hear more about Gemini, Google’s AI model that is used both on the web and on phones. With Apple looking to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18 and OpenAI (the company behind it) announcing plans for its own search engine, there is a lot riding on Gemini.

This is just speculation, but we may hear more about the next Google Pixel Fold. We saw CAD renders back in February and recently heard that the device might be called ‘Pixel 9 Pro Fold’, bringing it in line with the main Pixel series.

There have been a few leaks about the new Pixel Watch 3 too, but we’re not sure whether it will be unveiled at I/O or later on. EIther way, it’s quite possible that Google will talk about WearOS 5, with or without a new watch.

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