WhatsApp could soon get Live Translate feature powered by Galaxy AI


  • Samsung might soon be rolling out its AI Live Translate feature for third-party apps like WhatsApp.
  • This AI-powered feature is already available for calls and messages via Samsung’s messaging app.
  • There’s no official word on when this feature will be expanded to third-party apps.

When Samsung’s Galaxy S24 models rolled out earlier this year, there was plenty of buzz around the AI capabilities integrated into the devices. This excitement was well-founded, given that users have seemingly taken to Samsung’s suite of AI features. One of the AI-powered features included in this suite was Live Translate, which offered translations between languages for messages and calls in real-time.

While this feature is already available for Samsung apps, it was expected to roll out for third-party apps in the near future. Now, it appears that WhatsApp will be the first in line to benefit from this capability. Long-time tipster @UniverseIce has claimed on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) that “Galaxy AI will power WhatsApp real-time translation.”

Tipster @UniverseIce claims AI Live Translate will be rolled out for WhatsApp

There’s no word on when it will be rolled out, though. What’s more, Samsung hasn’t issued official confirmation about it, so details regarding how it might work remain unknown. However, given that Live Translate is already available for calls and messages via Samsung’s built-in messaging app, we expect it won’t be long before it’s available for WhatsApp messages and calls.

Currently, if you have a compatible device, this feature will translate your voice into the preferred language of the person on the other end of the line. Likewise, it also translates the voice of the other person into a language you know. You’re also able to view the live transcription of the translation on your screen. The highlight of this capability is that all the translation occurs in real time.

Given this, when it is launched for third-party apps, Live Translate could significantly enhance the messaging and calling experience for those who prefer other communication platforms. According to SamMobile, apart from WhatsApp, third-party VoIP calling apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Meet, and Viber, are likely to receive this feature in the future as well.

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